How to Earn Money Online (2021 updated)

How to Earn Money Online (2021 updated)

Earning money online in this era is not easy for the novice but profitable for the gurus. Those that are already in the game always have a way to solve their problems while the novice can always get dupped in the search for the act of earning online. The reason for the search was what brought about this topic on How to Earn Money Online.

To be sincere with you, one of the best ways to earn better in this century is online. However, there are NUMEROUS WAYS to make some bulk legally online. You have to follow this post till the end so you can see the different platforms available to you.

This article will be limited because I want to hit the nail on the head. I want to introduce to people already made platforms with fund security.

Back in the days, I have written on TOP 23 SAVINGS AND INVESTMENT PLATFORMS. Here will be another list entirely.

I will be talking about how to earn free money online and how to earn online with an investment

How to Earn Free Money Online

If you want to earn free money online, there is a survey website that you can engage yourself in other to make some Mulla. What you will be doing on the platform to earn is answering survey questions. This platform does not apply to everyone but limited to American citizens and also a better source to earn money online in the UK.

It is a survey platform that is involved in different research services such as;


If you know you have some knowledge of the above-mentioned research then you are welcome to OnePoll. A good source to earn free money online.

Furthermore, I will also show the guide to register because that’s also a reason for this post to make it simple and straight forward.

If you are not an American/UK citizen, I am sorry as you can not take part in this. You do not need to bother trying because your IP will always be detected.

What you need to register for the OnePoll survey
Gmail account
Your personal Information

How to register for OnePoll Survey

Firstly you need to log on to their website here ONEPOLL then you will be taken to the homepage

From the homepage, click on Sign Up.

After clicking on the sign-up, you will be asked some basic questions like;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Password

Fill each space carefully and tick the captcha, click on sign up on the bottom right.

After that, a page will come up instructing you to go and confirm your email address. You can go ahead to close that page.

Then go to the email you provided, and open the mail from OnePoll. Click on the confirmation link in the message and that makes your account secure.

Then from your new OnePoll account, go to the top right-hand side you will see an image, click on it, and then click on my account. Then from there, click on profile. At this point, fill in other information about you, such as;

  • Date of birth
  • Zipcode
  • Age
  • State
  • Gender
  • Marital Status

After filling each space carefully, click on the update. That makes your profile read 100%. Once your profile reads 100%, then surveys will be assigned to you.

Finally, for you to cash out from the platform you must reach a threshold of 6500 points and each survey can give 25, 50, or 75 points.

When to request for withdrawal?

Once you can get 6500 points, you can then request for withdrawal. You can be paid either through Paypal or echeck. All you all to do is click on cash out and then fill your required mode of payment suitable for you from the options available.

In summary, I just told you earlier what the questions entail, you must be willing to answer with sincerity and you must be truthful otherwise you can’t make money with your opinions. Also, I told you how to register successfully and how to withdraw from the system as soon as you have 6500 points.

Incase you have any question, do not hesitate to talk to me directly on WHATSAPP

How to earn money online with Investment

The secret of making money is simple and you probably heard it before, the more money we all invest, the more money we all earn!

Alone our investments are insignificant, together our investments are BOLD! Do you think Warren Buffet or any of the world’s top Investors would have made any significant money alone?

See for yourself here, they were all investing with other people’s money using Funds or something similar, FACT HERE! World’s 11 Greatest Investors

The following platforms I will be mentioning are also free to some extent but you have to make some investments. All you have to do is make the investment and relax for your ROI. There is numerous platform that you can invest with good ROI with fund security.

Another advantage of involving in the following is that you will be exposed to the cryptocurrency world because that is how most of them operate.

Here is a platform that I will talk about how to earn money online called

1. EarnersFX

earnersfx image for the post how to earn money online

This first opportunity on how to earn money online is the EarnersFX.

Play, Invest, and Earn with EarnersFX!

What is EarnersFX?

EarnersFX is a Forex trading solution designed to invest in Forex and make a nice income for someone with small Money, it also promotes a business person’s social media account by providing real traffic to boost their company.

What EarnersFX Offer?

Capital investors will be able to invest for a starting point at a reduced budget scale of NGN1,500 and gain up to (or more) the amount of NGN 13,500 after little action in one month.

N.B: EarnersFX does not revolve around some type of MLM software. They hire experts to help work out and buy expensive trading bots for the Forex trading they are focused on in their possession.

As a business owner, they offer a series of events on social media to help boost your services across the Globe, they include –
• Facebook – Post likes, post comments, post shares, page, and group post likes.
• Youtube – Improved subscribers, views, and lots more.
• Telegram – channels and group subscribers.
• WhatsApp – Product uploads and tags on hundreds of users’ statuses.
• Twitter – Followers, retweets, and links.
• Instagram – Followers, and post shares.

and a lot more, with instant payout.
Every activity at low rates and affordable prices with tags from NGN 2.00 to NGN 200.00 per activity.


How does it work?

EarnersFX offer different investment subscriptions –

Gold – NGN 5,000 in 14 days (85% ROI).

Diamond – NGN 10,000 in 14 days (100% ROI).

Platinum – NGN 20,000 in 30 days (120% ROI).

Titanium – NGN 50,000 in 30 days (150% ROI).

When you buy a pack of NGN 5,000
After 14 days you will get NGN 9,250 returns,
and if you earn NGN 4,000 from bonus activities.
That is NGN 13,250 after 14 days.

When you purchase a pack of 10,000 NGN,
You’ll get 20,000 returns from NGN after 14 days,
If the bonus activities earn you NGN 4,000.

That, after 14 days, is NGN 24,000.

When you purchase a pack of NGN 20,000.

After 30 days, you will earn NGN 44,000 returns,

If the bonus activities earn you NGN 10,000.

That, after 30 days, is NGN 54,000.

If you bought a pack of NGN 50,000
After 30 days you will get NGN 125,000 returns,
if you earn NGN 10,000 from bonus activities.
That is NGN 135,000 after 30 days.

Earnings can be withdrawn at any time.
The minimum withdrawal is NGN 5,000
The maximum withdrawal is NGN 99,999
(you can’t buy more than one pack at a time)

As a BUSINESS owner, you can boost your business social media accounts from your daily / weekly earnings.
Members are allowed to like, comment, and share posts & pages at low rates and affordable prices.

Referral bonuses?

Yes, referral bonuses are included when he/she invest with them for the first time.
Gold – NGN1,200 bonus
Diamond – NGN 1,500 bonus
Platinum – NGN 3,000 bonus
Titanium – NGN 5,000 bonus
To transfer your referral bonus into Available balance, click the dollar icons on the top right corner of the ‘Share and Earn’ page.
Note: Referral bonus can only be added to Available balance once it is above NGN 1,000.

How do I deposit or withdraw?

You can invest through
Perfect Money,
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Litecoin, and Dogecoin.
It is easier to deposit digital currency for trading than local currencies, so they don’t accept fiat.

Firstly download the app HERE

After that, proceed to register, the referral code is Q6fi4TIyHG
Make sure you put the referral code so I would be able to assist you further.

Once you are done with your registration, the next step is to fund your account with EFX to invest. Efx is what is used in transacting on this medium. You can always get here. Or you can buy directly from the platform with Bitcoin.

Another platform on how to earn money online that I will talk about is the

2. ThunderBot
ThunderBot on how to earn money online

The idea started in June 2020, and the Group decided to go ahead on the 1st of August 2020, on realizing they could help a lot of people and themselves by sharing the mutual knowledge by offering a slice of the revenue made with People’s money.

Pre-Launch starts on the 6th of August 2020, where they use the time to fix issues arising in this stage.
The official Launch was on the 15th of August 2020
Nevertheless, the owners prefer to stay anonymous for security reasons.

Furthermore, ThunderBot uses Bitcoin as its means of transaction. That is, you can invest and withdraw with BTC only.

How much to earn?

An investor will be able to earn 0.30 – 0.80% of their investment every four hours. However, you will be earning 1.80- 4.80% of your investment every day for 90 days.

In summary, For the 90 days circle of your investment, you are guaranteed to earn a minimum of 115% of what you invest, which most likely will be more concerning the daily percentage paid back to you. Also, remember every business has its risk! They are currently using 27 different sources of income to minimize the risk! The more you invest with the platform; the stronger get the foundation of the ORMA Group investments.

Another thing you have to know is that this opportunity is functioning only on Telegram. If you don’t have the Telegram app yet, go to the google play store to download and register for free.

How ThunderBot works

Click on this LINK to see for yourself.

The link will take you to the ThunderBot Telegram, then you can click on start and you’re in.

How to Make a Deposit or Investment?

Click the button “DEPOSIT” on your Bot to receive a Bitcoin Wallet Address, Send your Deposit to the provided wallet and wait for the confirmations, you will get a notification as soon your deposit has 3 to 5 confirmations on the Blockchain. The minimum investment is 0.003 BTC

How to withdraw from ThunderBot

Click the button WITHDRAW on your Bot, you will be asked to paste your BTC wallet address, then use the command to input the amount you want to withdraw, you will see your money in your wallet in few minutes. However, you must have reached 0.003 BTC before you can withdraw and which can be gotten within the first month.

If you have any question or inquiry on this, kindly CLICK HERE

3. Thunder⚡Tron
ThunderTron image

Here is another investment opportunity featured on how to earn money online controlled by the same people behind ThunderBot.
In here, you transact with the crypto coin “TRON”. Tron has been one of the trends in this year 2020 because of the fact a lot of people have been investing massively.
Not Only Tron is one of the fastest-growing coins, it’s one of the most versatile in the market, powering many different applications and projects.

It also has one of the fastest transaction speeds and is about to gain immense market value!

Tron is currently trading at 0.0266 USD, predicted to reach 0.520 USD by the end of the year! The predicted (2000%) increase could potentially be over $1 and is based on the new applications and all the great features this coin has.

Can you imagine buying 10000 TRX now for 266 USD and in a Few months could be worth 5000 or 10000 USD?

Haven said that Thunder⚡Tron was launched officially on the 15th of September 2020 with over 1600 Thunder⚡Tron founders.

The platform wants to help take advantage of this trend, Buy Tron TODAY, invest it in the Thunder⚡️TRON and you will be rewarded the following way:


TRON BOT will work the same way as the BTC bot, with the same daily percentages. However, there is little difference such as lower investments, and lower withdrawals compared to the BTC bot. The minimum deposits are 200TRX, also the minimum withdrawal stood at 200 TRX because TRON transaction fees are much lower

Chat me up to buy Tron and for a guide.
Hit HERE to know what’s up.

4. Thunder⚡️Ethereum BOT
Image of ThunderEth for the post how to earn money online

This is the third investment opportunity with the same platform “ThunderBot”, for the post on how to earn money online
The prelaunch started 5th Oct 2020 and since then has continued to grow like a tree. I love this particular one a lot because it mostly has the highest interest out of the Three Bots.

Also, on ThunderETH, you will earn between 0.30 to 0.80% every four hours. That is 1.8 – 4.8% of your investment daily. The investment period ends in 90 days.
Punch HERE and see whats cooking.

In case you need help or assistance, kindly click WhatsApp or Instagram

Thunder⚡️Ethereum BOT only accepts Ethereum wallets, it does not accept contract wallets.

How Do I Know if I Have a Contract Address?

If you are unsure if the address you have is a contract address, you can locate this information by searching the wallet address on ETHERSCAN.

If the ETH address has restrictions, the top left side of the web page will read “Contract Address” followed by the Wallet address.

Image of supersage

It is a Smart Contract platform built on a TRON/TRX Blockchain. That is, the Digital Currency used in transacting on Supersage is TRON

TRON is a cryptocurrency (online money for the transaction)…

Supersage is decentralized, That is, nobody is in charge of the money invested. Funds are shared within members of the platform automatically by so doing, there is no click to withdraw button. When it’s your turn spillover will be sent to your wallet automatically depending on the level one is in.


Currently, Supersage is one of the largest Tron smart contracts. It is built to favor those that can REFER (S3 section) and those that can’t REFER (S4 section).

Just like every smart contract your team matters a lot, especially your upline. Meaning you can earn massively if your upline is referring massively without you having to refer anyone.

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NOW on Supersage, there are two sections where your bonuses go to. The S3 section and the S4 section. Let me break it down below

This is the part where all your referral bonuses are been deposited or recorded. The more you refer the more you earn on this section…

This is the part where the system rewards you with a bonus by itself. It is called overflows. By earning with no referrals.

Also in Section S4, you can earn via Spillover which are bonuses from your upline work on the system. The more your upline refer or work the more his spillovers go round to all his downlines.


Step 1 –
Install the TRON Wallet App for Android Mobile from Playstore and register. Link below

Tron Wallet App

Step 2 –
Buy at least 505 TRONs to fund your newly downloaded TRON Wallet

You can buy Tron coins from me, message me privately to buy, you can also buy from any reliable source you know of.

Once you have purchased TRON, follow below to register for Supersage.

Step 3 –

Copy & Paste The Link Below On Your Tron Wallet App’s browser

How to locate the browser on the app.

Open your new Tron wallet app. On the bottom left, there is a browser icon, just click on the tiny browser icon and paste the below link there, to register)

Copy and Paste this link==>
(Upline ID: 44514)

Once you have successfully signed up, let me know via DM. Everyone who joins me will be added to my Team Group for guidance.


Now on Supersage, there is nothing like a withdraw button or minimum withdrawal. On Supersage, bonuses are sent directly to your Tron wallet without you having to do anything. The process of the bonus getting to your wallet is automatic…

Now when this bonus gets to your wallet you can sell them at any time you like.

Conclusion on How to Earn Money Online

You have to note that none of these platforms had paid to write for them. But I am doing this because I see them as an opportunity where a lot of people can participate. These are the avenue to change your level completely.

Furthermore, you have nothing to fear. As you can see, we didn’t just go ahead to list every other platform out there but the ones I have directly or indirectly participate in. That’s a guarantee I’m giving as these are exceptional.

Don’t forget we talked about

  • OnePoll
  • ThunderBot
  • ThunderTron
  • ThunderETH and
  • Earnersfx

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Nonetheless, I will keep updating this particular post as soon as I come across any other legit platform that has the lowest risk and with fund security just as those listed above. Use this opportunity while it lasts.

In summary, this post has talked about a few platforms because I care about my readers and I wouldn’t want to endanger their money.

I will always be available to take your questions in the comment section below. If you need further assistance, do not hesitate to reach me HERE.


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