Top 23 Savings and Investment Platforms in Nigeria

What are Savings and Investment?

This article will let us know the top 23 savings and investment platforms in Nigeria to engage ourselves. Though we often mistake Savings with Investment, in the real sense both words are somewhat different. However, the two are what we should all take part in for maximum independence.

One of the reasons I say the two are different is because Savings is always in the short term on the other hand Investment is mostly in the long term. 

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What is Savings

Savings is any Money set aside to meet future occurrences. Savings set aside can be daily, weekly, or monthly as convenient by the saver. Saver can also make more money for saving which can come in the form of interest. in other words, some companies give an extra token for saving with them.

For instance, if you need to pay house rent by the end of the year, you can start saving from the beginning of the year. All you have to do is calculate the amount you would be paying at the end of the year then divide it by either daily, weekly, or monthly and before you know, your house rent will be easy to pay.

However, Investment is putting away some money solely to make a profit. This kind of Money can be put to use on stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, gold, and digital currencies known as cryptocurrencies. It is a long term saving that you might not be able to withdraw at any time except some stipulated time which makes it an investment.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. Another best time is NOW.
…Chinese proverb.

If you have not been Saving or Investing, then this is absolutely the best time to start and stop the procrastination to clarify. Above all, I will let you know about different places to save and invest wisely. Avoid those bad feelings and make a meaningful decision to invest wisely. Trust me with this post, you will make no loss.

Advantages of Saving and Investing
  1. Savings and Investment help to make extra bulk which we won’t make if we make our money idle in our houses.
  2. Your Money is kept safe with little or no risk.
  3. Both can also be achieved with the little amount we are having. But Investment requires more funds than saving.
  4. It can be done from the comfort of our homes with no queue or paper works.5. Your plans would be met with ease.
Disadvantages of Saving and Investment
  1. Interest/profit can be compounded monthly or yearly.
  2. Sometimes you don’t have access to your fund immediately you need it. That is to say, you have to wait for the agreed time, else, you will lose a reasonable amount for requesting before due time.
  3. Some Institutions charge for saving with them. E.g Esusu companies. 
  4. Easy access to money can always lead to spending it anyhow.
  5. You may be required to carry a minimum amount.
Differences between Saving and Investment

“Poor people see a dollar as a dollar to trade for something they want right now. However, Rich people see every dollar as a ‘seed’ that can be planted to earn a hundred more dollars, then replanted to earn a thousand more dollars.”
T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind 

  1. Saving is setting aside the money you don’t currently need for plans on the other hand, Investment is buying assets such as stocks, real estate, etc to make more money.
  2. It is termed as a short term while Investment is termed as long term.
  3. The reward of saving is always in Interest but the Investment reward is mostly on profit.
  4. The return on Investment is however higher than that of saving.
  5. You might have access to your money at any time in savings but in Investment, it must be at the end of a circle which mostly is annually and above. 
Best Investment Platforms in Nigeria are

1. Afrinvest

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Afrinvest is a leading independent investment banking firm that focuses on West Africa and active in four principal areas which are; Investment Banking, Securities Trading, Asset Management, and Investment Research.
Afrinvest is both a leading provider of research content on the Nigerian market likewise a leading adviser to blue-chip companies across West Africa.

They provide financial advisory services as well as innovative capital raising solutions to High Net-worth Individuals (“HNIs”), corporations, and governments. In addition, the organization is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
Afrinvest Asset Management Limited (“AAML”) is licensed by the Nigerian SEC as a portfolio manager. AAML delivers world-class asset management services to a range of mass affluent and HNI clients.

Afrinvest also has lots of investment one can engage such as;

  • Afrinvest Dollar Fund

The Afrinvest Dollar Fund is an open-ended mutual fund that will be invested in Dollar-denominated Securities registered in Nigeria. Moreover, before you can take part in this investment, you have to convert your money to USD cause you’re investing in USD. Returns come in 6 months intervals and you can earn within 6  -7.5% per annum. The fund manager will help you manage your fund in other to make a profit.

  • Treasury BillsTreasury

    Bills are short-term debt instruments issued by the Federal Government of any country through its Central Bank to raise short-term funds from the general public to finance government budget deficit. They use a discount rate to give a return on investment. What makes this interesting is the fact that you can get your agreed interest rate from the first day you invested. The investor can cash out interest first meanwhile, they will wait for 3 months to cash out the initial capital.
  • Federal Government of Nigeria Savings Bond

The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) Savings Bond is a bond being issued by the Debt Management Office on behalf of the FGN. The bond issuance is part of the Federal Government’s program to encourage small savers and it helps them earn more interest when compared to their savings accounts with banks. The minimum you can save is as little as 5,000 naira, and the interest would be paid at the end of 3 months. Do not get it twisted there a still lot on investment opportunity aside those listed above. Log in to know more.

Afrivest Interest rate; 4 – 9+%

2. Alat by Wema

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Here come another online savings and investment platform in Nigeria to talk about. Firstly, Alat by Wema is Nigeria’s first fully digital bank, designed to match your lifestyle and helps save more.

Built from scratch to be entirely digital, making all banking services available to you anywhere you can access the internet.  It is easy to use and stress-free. All you need to do is Open an ALAT account from your phone with your BVN and phone number, and you are good to go. No paperwork required.

Why you should use Alat by Wema

Save Easily
Take the pressure off with a simple automated savings plan and earn a 10% annual interest – three times the standard bank rate.

Request Instant
Get a short-term loan whenever you’re in a pinch, few questions asked.

Free Card Delivery
Pick one of three bank card designs and we’ll deliver yours to you in two business days, anywhere in Nigeria, at no cost.

Pay In Dollars
Create a free virtual dollar card for paying online, convert naira to dollars any time.

3. Bamboo

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Bamboo is one of the savings and investment platforms in Nigeria that helps you buy and sell hundreds of Nigerian and U.S. stocks with as little as $20.

Actually, Bamboo saw how tedious and expensive it was to buy and sell stocks listed on the Nigerian & U.S. stock markets, so they made it simple to sign up, fund, trade, and track investments.

Another fascinating thing is that Bamboo is a member of the Stock Exchange Commission of Nigeria (SEC), and of the United States. Shares Investor Protection Company (SIPC), and the shares can be covered with the SIPC for up to $ 500,000.

You have to know that this platform doesn’t guarantee your profits because they don’t collect funds for investment. One will have to make investment decisions themselves. Investors will trade in stocks by themselves in other to earn.

4. Carbon

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Carbon is another platform that helps in savings and Investing in Nigeria. No doubt this platform has other essential features like “getting a loan”. “paying for bills” and so on. But because of our topic, we will be focusing on the Investment aspect of the platform.

With the help of “payvest”, you can save in the form of Investment and earn up to 16% per annum. In addition, you can invest with any amount you can afford, even as little as 100 NGN.

More so you have to know that the Investment and Interest rate can only be paid on maturity.

5. cowrywise

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Here are other online Savings and Investment Platforms in Nigeria. I cannot but talk about it. Cowrywise has been existing for some time now and they have been doing absolutely well. In Cowrywise, you also have the chance to save and Invest. is a property of CowryWise Financial Technology Limited, a company duly registered with CAC. Both and CowryWise Financial Technology Limited are legal entities in Nigeria. Their investment professionals invest savers funds in financial instruments and manage the investments to ensure the best return. To ensure the security of savers funds, assets are held by Meristem Trustees, a company registered with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) on behalf of savers. These assets are marked to market periodically to ensure savers are protected.

The different Savings feature they have included;

Regular savings – with this, you can save money as it pleases you within a period of 3 months- 1 year and you could get 6-9% interest returns.

Circle saving – save or donate together with other Cowrywise users for a particular project and you could earn higher interest than your commercial banks. 

Halal Savings – This isn’t for everyone though. It is only for those whose belief doesn’t take interest in their spare money.

Life goals – This type of savings is used to tackle plans. The minimum you can participate here is 1 year. You could also get between 6-9% in profit.

Talking about Cowrywise Investment opportunities, they are mainly based on Mutual funds. They have a series of companies one can invest in with different risk control and different interest to be paid. The companies I would gladly recommend are

  • Lotus Halal Fixed Income Fund which can give up to 11% interest per annum with medium risk.
  • United Capital Bund Fund which can give up to 9.50% interest, with medium risk also.
  • United Capital Money Market Fund, they offer up to 7% interest per annum with very low risk.
  • Nigerian Eurobond Fund. They are offering up to 6.9% per annum with medium risk. And a host of others that can be known from the platform.

6. Farmcrowdy

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Another platform we will be talking about on agricultural savings and investment platforms in Nigeria is Farmcrowdy.  I so love the concept of this platform that I can’t let go ever since I knew them. That is the fact that the platform targeted the agricultural sector. 

Furthermore, Farmcrowdy is the first Nigeria digital agricultural platform that makes agriculture one and its only aspect. This is one of the agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria to earn extra bulk.

The different types of Investment opportunity on FarmCrowdy are; 

  • Beef processing and Trading which attract a rate of 12% in 5 months.
  • Fresh Produce Trading which attracts 14% in 6 months.
  • A Tale of 3 spices which attract 44% in 2 years.
  • Poultry which attracts 10% in 6 months.

The list goes on and on. Sincerely, I love to invest here because it has fund security and handsomely returns. The rewards are Mad… 

Farmcrowdy Interest rate is 10% – 44+%


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FBNEdge brought to you by FBNQuest Asset Management, simplifies investing by allowing users to open mutual fund accounts, manage investments, and track their progress on the go.

It is a handy app that gives clients an investment advantage as it helps them take control and stay up to date to achieve their financial goals as soon as possible.

In addition, a full-service investment management company dedicated to providing a wide range of investment solutions to clients, Crown corporations, corporations, institutional investors, wealthy individuals, and small investors. These products include mutual funds, liquidity management, and an independent portfolio.

Its investment approach is designed to offer superior risk-adjusted returns to clients. Over time, an increasing number of clients rely on our extensive experience in the financial markets, as well as the in-depth knowledge and information we provide to help them achieve their financial goals.

Available products on fbnedge

As  I have said earlier that they practice strictly mutual fund products and which is always available on the App for now. These are the 

FBN Money Market Fund:
This is the ideal choice for a regular saver whose financial goals are short to medium term. FBN Money Market Fund invests in short-term and high-quality money market securities portfolios such as Treasury Bills, Commercial Papers, Bankers Acceptances and Deposit Certificates issued by Nigerian rated banks.
In this program, the overall starting investment is N5,000.

FBN Fixed Income Fund:
If you have medium to long-term investment goals, this plan is for you. FBN Fixed Income Fund provides access to a diversified portfolio of long-tenured debt securities issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria, state government, and institutional corporations. Also, for this investment, the minimum starting rate is N50,000

FBN Heritage Fund:
This is suitable for investors that want to earn greater rewards over a long term period.


8. Ga’atevest

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The Nigeria Farmers’ Group & Cooperative Society (NFGCS) is plug-n-play agricultural savings and investment platforms in Nigeria enabling you to invest securely with attractive returns in various opportunities within the agribusiness sector. NFGCS has set up a farm settlement village in the Ga’ate community of Kokona LGA, Nasarawa State where they carry out successful crop production activities, animal husbandry, and processing, under the brand name Ga’ate Gold.

Investing with NFGCS is an opportunity to play a key role in Nigeria ‘s farming initiative to feed and grow together, by engaging citizens to develop the agro sector. Thus, Ga’atevest is a cooperative crowdfunding platform that offers Nigerians worldwide the opportunity to invest in agriculture while attractively earning returns.

I. You can invest in any of the different agricultural investment opportunities on the app and earn timely attractive returns on these investments.

II. You can invest a certain amount monthly towards a particular goal. There are various Monthly Minivest Plans which you can subscribe to. You can stop this Minivest Plan at a time that suits you.

Ga’atevest interest rate is 12% – 50+% interest per annum.

9. I-invest

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This is another wonderful platform to discuss the Best Investment Platforms in Nigeria. I-Invest comes in the form of a mobile application that allows current and yet to be investors save and invest directly from the app without the help of a broker.

Furthermore, the platform aids investors to save money and earn reasonable interest rates. Besides, it helps investors to fund infrastructure projects in Nigeria in other to make a profit.

The application can be gotten free of charge from the play store. Download the app and start to save, buy, and sell treasury bills and euro bonds.

On I-Invest savings; You have the opportunity to save on the platform and withdraw at your wish with some percentage of income

And the Investment you can participate on are;
Treasury Bills

You can buy the CBN Treasury Bills from this platform and which is a short term investment that you can cash out even after 30 days. The interest rate for Treasury Bills falls within 3% – 4.5%.

The Eurobonds investment is one that you can have access to on the maturity period only, and which can be twice a year. The interest rate falls between 6.38% – 7.63% per year.

There are lots of companies on the platform that you can trade it equities and which gives a reasonable interest rate within the time frame.

You can register and login to their app to know more.

Android users click HERE
iOS users click HERE
and join with this code – BOWK75475

10. Investment One

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Here is another beautiful one on top savings and investment platforms in Nigeria. Investment One is one of the fastest-growing Financial Services firms in Nigeria. The company is a subsidiary of Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB). Investment one is one of the leading companies in financial services such as savings, Investment Banking, and Private Banking. Also, the company is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Furthermore, Investment One offers quality and distinctive business in financial services such as asset management, stockbroking, trust, and pension fund management services, and others, with interest rates from savings and investments. Investment One Interest rate. varies from savings to investment.

11. Kolopay

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Another online Savings and Investment platforms in Nigeria we need to talk about is KoloPay. In here, you can save even little amount and grow it up to 10% interest. 

They want to help in saving towards our goals and at the same time rewarding us for it. I guess that’s kinda cool. It is very easy to operate. All you have to do is create an account, set up saving goals, start saving, and finally earn.

Besides, one of the most beautiful aspects of it is that you can save automatically a fixed amount either daily, weekly, or monthly. All you have to do is link your card and you’re good to go. There are other investment opportunities you need to look out for on the platform…

KoloPay Interest rate is 10% per annum.

12. Kudabank

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Another platform we need to know of on top savings and investment platforms in Nigeria is Kudabank. It is formally known as KudiMoney and. Kuda is a free online bank licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Here, you also have the opportunity to save and invest your money to earn some more.

Advantages of KudaBank

They don’t charge card maintenance or account maintenance fees. You will get up to 25 free transfers to other banks every month. Extra transfers cost just 10 nairas each.

The features are the different saving goals to take part in Kudabank.

Under this feature, you can set a goal by saving daily, weekly, or monthly and earn up to 10% interest per year.

Under this feature, you can save a fixed amount of money and earn up to 25% interest per annum.

KudaBank interest rate is 10% – 25%.

Click to get kudabank and join with this code: 0TKAAPQR

13. Payday Investor

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PayDay Investor is a registered trademark of ARM Investment Managers. It is one of those secure places to put your money for plans. 

The different types of investment under this platform are;

Goal-Based Investment
If you have a particular goal you need to meet in the future, with this feature, you can plan the way you would save your money to meet that goal. Saving can be done weekly, and monthly. Saving this money will be seen as an investment because you earn some extra bulk while saving.

One Time Investment
This feature allows you to invest a one-time reasonable amount to earn some interest. 

Group Goal
You can also join other Payday Investors to carry out a particular project. The project which in turn has made profit will reward the investors with interest.

PayDay Investor interest rate as of Sunday, May 17, 2020, is 5.4969% per annum.

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14. Piggyvest

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Another awesome online savings and investment platforms in Nigeria is Piggyvest. They have no doubt earned my trust over the past few years. Iswear, the system is exceptional fantabulous.

Furthermore, Piggyvest is simply a savings and Investment website/app that lets you save over some time and at the same time make more money by saving those monies. This place is quite a better place to save and invest on the go. As at the time of written this piece, they are one of those with the highest interest payments. Also, the company has various savings types to choose from, and you can even team up with other savers/investors to reach joint goals.

The different saving types they offer are;

Quarterly savings
Under this segment, one can decide to save and cash out within three months with the “PiggyBank feature”. This type of savings can best be achieved weekly. This type of savings is good for personal use.

Multiple Targets
By using the “Target Savings feature” you can decide to save for fees, ceremonies, and others. This feature is best achieved when you save weekly.

Locking funds
With the aid of the “SaveLock feature” you can make a one-time saving and lock till your desired date. Under this feature, you can get as high as 13% interest per annum. 

Talking about the Investment they offer

Co-invest in opportunities – On this feature, you have the chance to co-invest with other users. You can invest in guaranteed fixed income Investment as well as other amazing opportunities with the sole aim to make a profit. There are a series of Investments which as a saver you have the total right to choose from the list of Investments available. 

Other things you need to know, 

I. Piggyvest users save up to 1billion naira monthly

II. Piggyvest used bank-level security measures to keep every data safe.
Piggyvest Interests* You get up to 10-15% interest on your savings. * You can also get up to 25% returns on Investments.

15. Reach

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Reach is dogged in its quest for the best solutions to problems. They are working hard because they are proud of what they are producing. The platform promised what they’re doing here is bigger than them. Their work has the ability to change lives and bring joy to millions. They’re a band of twitchy nonconformists that are always looking for new ways to do cool things.

The universe is full of joy and wonder, they love to highlight it every chance they get! Their sense of wonder also leads them to explore and maintain an open mind. They love to learn and to try new things. Also pushing themselves and their teammates towards being the best possible version of themselves.

It exists to bring clarity, peace of mind, security, and a sense of self-pride to its users. We are here to assist. They’re getting their users to go, “Wow! “Their experiences with the users make them excited and proud to be talking about them to their friends. They ‘re making them feel cool, insightful, and in the know.

Furthermore, they provide the necessary info to make great financial choices. They’re all about great money-making and money-saving info, from insights into your own spending to tips, tools, sales, deals, and financial services. Each of them creates simple, beautiful, and intuitive technology that empowers people to manage and grow their money; while equipping businesses to make smart investment decisions.

16. reQuid

 image on how to save and invest in nigeria on

reQuid is an investment where you can take part in different profiled investment opportunities. This wonderful platform is also focusing on the sweetest investment opportunity which is the Agricultural aspect. One of the reasons I love agric based investment is the fact that it takes less than a year to cash out. This platform is one of those that can be known as “Online Farming in Nigeria”.

The different features to earn includes

Rice farm
Investing in Rice farm under this platform can earn you as high as 28% interest in just 7months. There is also another type of Rice farm you can earn up to 11+% in 5 months.

Poultry Farm
On this feature, you have the opportunity to invest in Poultry farm and earn up to 34% interest in 10 months.

Cashew nut
Earn a whopping 30% interest within the period of 7 months

You can also earn up to 30% interest in a short time of 7 months.

Pig Farm
Earn as much as 35% interest in 11 months. 

There are still numerous farms you can invest in this platform. You can log in to their website to know all.

reQuid interest rate is 20% – 40+%

17. risevest

rise image on savings and investment platforms on

This article on top savings and investment platforms in Nigeria featured risevest. It is a technology-driven finance company that connects everyday Africans with the world’s best dollar-denominated investment opportunities.
Rise combines the precision of complex algorithms and the experience of finance experts to help you invest your money through a simple app in high-performance, long-term opportunities.

With the slightest effort from the investors part, they offer a foreign investment experience, stable global assets, and the best long-term returns possible in naira. 

Available investment opportunity carried out by risevest are;

US Real Estate
Investing in a portfolio of rented buildings across the US, earning dollar returns through rent and appreciation of the capital. You can earn between 13% – 15% interest per annum.

US stocks index
Invest in a portfolio of 30 high-growth US stocks, own stakes infamous Google, Alibaba, and Facebook firms. You can also earn up to 12% – 14% interest annually.

Invest in steady returns on reliable fixed income securities. There’s no need to worry about inflation or devaluation affecting your income stream. You can as well earn up to 10% – 12% interest per year.

Risevest interest rate is from 10% – 14+%

18. Stanbic IBTC

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Another Institution to talk about in the article’s best investment platforms in Nigeria is the Stanbic IBTC. Stanbic IBTC is one of the foremost financial institution in Nigeria that offers current, savings, and domiciliary accounts; personal loans, vehicle and asset finance; MasterCard debit cards, Visa credit cards; home loans; and small and medium-scale enterprise (SME) loans.

You can open an account with them even online and continue your journey to save for your purposes. As you are saving you are also getting a reward of a certain percentage of interest.

Furthermore, for the Investment aspect, there are several opportunities offered by Stanbic IBTC in which one can engage in other to get a reward. The different types of opportunities you can get includes; Wealth management, Pension, real estate, and Mutual Funds.

These Investment rakes in different interest rates. Join them HERE to know more.

19. image on top savings and investment platforms on is a property of Adims Credit and Investment Limited, a Member of First Capital Financials. A Financial institution registered and incorporated by Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria, with RC Number 1358642. 

It is a platform adopted by First Capital Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited ( Lagos State Government registration Number 15925) for its members and the general public to collect their contributions, savings, and loan disbursement. Registration on qualifies you to become a member of the First Capital Cooperative Multipurpose Society Limited. offers astute users the platform to build their net worth over time- consciously and consistently through their Guaranteed Investment Savings (GIS).

The Guaranteed Investment Savings is a product through which you can put aside periodically and over a period of time and watch your savings grown into a mighty Oaktree.

The fund can be locked as long as you want from 3 months through 12 months. As a SmartSaver, you will automatically qualify to enjoy their Loan services without collateral. Interest rate is from 8% – 30+%

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20. Thrive Agric

thrive agric image

Another platform that featured on the agricultural savings and investment platforms in Nigeria is Thrive Agric. It is an agricultural technology company that helps in solving one of the biggest challenges on how to sustainably match food production against a rising population. It can also be seen as one of the online Farms in Nigeria.

One of the reasons I fall for Thrive Agric is that they focused mainly on Agriculture. Agriculture is one of the best places to invest and earn high returns. 

The different Investment you can begin with on Thrive Agric are;

Poultry farming
You can start Investing under this section with 10,000 NGN and earn up to 12% returns in just 6 months.

Rice farming
Under this section, you can start with 56,500 NGN and earn a whopping 20% within 9 months.

There are other several Investment Opportunities you can be part of on this particular platform. Login HERE to know more about Thriveagric.

The interest rate for Thrive Agric is  12% – 20+%

21. Trove
trove image on online savings and investment platforms on

Here is another platform to talk on online savings and investment platforms in Nigeria called Trove. Just as Bamboo, it is an investment app that helps you invest as little as N1,000 in US, Chinese and Nigerian stocks, government bonds, and more. You can also make a habit of investing with the app’s timed investment feature.

Besides that, easy-to-use tools from the app allow you to keep track of all your investments. In addition, investment tips and educational information helping to boost your confidence as an investment. Importantly, Trove uses security measures at the bank level to protect your personal information, so you can put your information in and go to sleep.

You have to know that this platform doesn’t guarantee your profits because they don’t collect your fund for investment. If you want to earn, the investment decisions will be made by yourself. You have to trade in stocks by yourself in other to earn.


 image on how to save and invest on

One thing I love most about is the fact that they want wealth for everyone.  They practically want people to know how their money can work for them. Thanks to technology that makes everything possible as you can be part of this wealth-creating nation by just using your smartphone. Making more money with your smartphone. I guess that was cool.

Here, you can save your money to invest. Also, there are a series of investment opportunities one can engage themselves in to earn extra Mullar. Talking about Stocks, Fixed Income, Agriculture, and Real Estate.

The different types of investments offered by are;

Invest your money in stocks from this platform, such stocks include; MTN NIGERIA PLC, GUARANTY TRUST BANK PLC, and so on.   

Fixed Income
You can also invest in fixed income features on the platform. It includes Wealth Cash, Bonds, Treasury Bills, etc. The interest rate is between 2% – 8.15%.

You can also invest in Agricultural products such as Maize, Sorghum, Soybeans, and others. Interest rate is between 15% – 18% interest rate is between 2% – 18+%.

23. ziing
ziing image savings and investment platforms in nigeriaon

ziing is the final platform to talk about on the best investment platforms in Nigeria. Here, you have the opportunity to Save in the form of Investment in other to earn extra money. You can make good of your money by Investing in Mutual funds and stocks.

The different feature available on Ziing are:

Earn interest on an active savings account
Gain interest through an active savings account. No concerns. Apply interest rates of 6 percent per annum and deposits from your different bank accounts can be automated.

Set, maintain and track your goals
Set goals, maintain, and track. Save your goals automatically. The rate of interest is 10 percent per year. Lock goals to build discipline. Goals will be automatically sent to your zSave upon maturity.

Set specific amounts of money aside in form of fixed income
Put different sums of money aside at predefined interest rates for a period of time. Key plus interest due upon maturity. Larger amounts offer the best rates for longer timescales.

Ziing interest rate is 6% – 10+%

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Conclusion on Savings and Investment Platforms in Nigeria

Here you have seen the list. You need to take your time to go through them, in other to make a beautiful investment. Making good returns means you must go for investments that have a high return within a short period. Agricultural Investment is better in this situation. You also need to look out for fund security.

As you have seen above, every business has different investment opportunities you can dig. There is no doubt there is fund security in most of them.

Savings and Investments are better for all and sundry. Some of them come in the form of savings and investment apps, while some come in the form of online savings and investment.


  1. Great list.
    Seems the list is more of investment Apps instead of savings because i couln’t find Sumotrust and Cashbox on the list.
    These two apps are also game changers and they’re doing amazing jobs.

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