Agriculture in Nigeria – Top 22 Agricultural Farms in Nigeria

This article is going to walk us through Top 22 agricultural farms in Nigeria. Over the years, and even to the present day, the Nigerian economy is governed by oil and gas, with little improvement in the non-oil, most significant agricultural industries.

Statistics say Nigeria’s agriculture consists primarily of four main industries: crop, livestock, fisheries, and forestry. However, approximately 88.6 percent of crop manufacturing, and the remaining ones placed together 11.4 percent.

Sadly, owing to various problems, more than 50 percent of the harvest from crop manufacturing is wasted, resulting in a huge financial loss for all sector members. It is now being overcome by farmers and the outcome has given birth to various farms in Nigeria.

In a nutshell, the nation is losing a lot of tax revenue and is also unable to obtain tax from farmers as there is no structure on the floor to make this a win-win situation for everyone.

Image on harvest on Nigeria's top 22  Agricultural Farms

Agriculture is still a profitable business till today, it has involved a lot of farmers.

In addition, if you need any farm in Nigeria to supply you with agricultural products of any sort and amount, you’re in the correct location to understand the Top 22 agricultural farms in Nigeria. This is just a list that you can use to create your edible choices.

Recently, today’s government places more emphasis on agriculture, which makes it close its boundaries so that agricultural products are not being imported rather than patronizing the ones from the country.

Brief on Top Agriculture Companies in Nigeria

The government of Nigeria promoted the use of inorganic fertilizers in the 1970s. As of 1990, 82 million hectares of Nigeria’s total land region were discovered to supportable for farming out of the 91 million hectares. This makes farming in the nation severe and in which agriculture uses 42 percent of the arable land region.

Farming contributed 32 percent to Nigeria’s GDP as of 2001.

Furthermore, some agricultural products from neighboring counties, such as livestock, rice, and groundnut oil, are being imported into Nigeria over the years to mention but a few. It is possible to obtain all these agricultural products imported locally within the nation. This list of the top agriculture companies in Nigeria will lead us to companies that can supply our agricultural products.

These include major crops planted in Nigeria

Cashew nuts
Gum arabic
Palm kernels
Palm oil
Soybeans and

Top Agriculture Companies in Nigeria.

1. Anadariya Farm
Anadariya-top 22 Nigerian agricultural farms

Anadariya will be the first farm to speak about on the top agriculture companies in Nigeria. It is a trusted food and agricultural supplier with a history as far back as 30 years in emerging markets.

It is an integrated organization with many assets including over one million square feet of poultry rearing region, decent agricultural land, grain storage facilities, feed production, poultry processing, warehousing, and logistics. Wow wow wow that wow.

Furthermore, this business understands no doubt what they want. This farm is operating in Nigeria’s Kano State. Northern Nigeria has a feasible expansion of the retail franchise.

In addition, the manufacturing of poultry has not held pace with economic growth, generating imbalances in supply and demand.

However, by creating fresh products to satisfy Nigeria’s ever-growing population, Anadariya remains to bridge the food security divide.

Furthermore, The poultry company has chicken and egg manufacturing and processing facilities of almost one million square feet. In addition, the firm also has a fully equipped feed mill and a big poultry processing facility for the inclusion of “farm to the customer”

More about Anadariya

Firstly, Anadariya farm distributes eggs as well as chicken. In Fortune 500 companies including Goldman Sachs, General Electric, and Bank of America, Anadariya’s businesses were developed and led by founders with worldwide origins and comprehensive experience.

They have over ten farms for maize, soybeans and other plants with thousands of acres of extremely arable farmland.

Furthermore, they are presently undergoing a business development leveraging contemporary irrigation technologies as well as farm equipment with a plan in place to launch one of the biggest agricultural projects of its kind throughout the year and create fresh agricultural employment…

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2. Folawiyo Farms
image of Folawiyo farms on agriculture in Nigeria

Folawiyo Farms is a Yinka Folawiyo Group’s subsidiary. Since 1957, the group has existed and subsequently extended its operations into agriculture in 1986. Folawiyo Farms is currently operating its farm in the state of Oyo. Her operations include the breeding and processing of poultry and the cultivation of plants such as maize, pineapples, and cassava.

However, for their supplies of new eggs and frozen chickens, they were able to construct a nationwide distribution network. In addition, this farm we’re talking about occupies a farmland whooping 308hacters.

Other stuff about the farm you need to understand
  • Folawiyo Farms runs six parent stock rearing buildings with a complete capacity of up to 100,000 breeders and layers
  • The handling unit has a capability of 600 birds per hour, a cold store with a capacity of 15 tonnes and 80 tons of portable cold storage units and a central distribution facility with a capacity of 2,000 tonnes.
  • Additionally, Farms run three water boreholes together with a 240,000-liter tank and autonomous electricity generators to ensure periodic water and power supply to the farm…

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jmsf-Nigeria's top 22 agricultural farms

Here’s another farm featured in Nigeria’s Farming article on the Top 22 agricultural farms in Nigeria. We classify them as a farm because they can supply any agricultural products that you need. However, JMSF is a consulting company for the provision of agricultural consultative services.

In the first place, they claim to have a team of professionals working in the international development sector in Nigeria and Africa over the past 15 years to deliver outcomes and create value for the agribusiness industry stakeholders.

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Equally, this specific firm was established in 2008 but remained inactive as the CEO required to obtain sufficient ability, knowledge, network, experience, and confidently assemble quality fellow professionals to deliver world-class consulting services before choosing to start operations in 2018.

Core values of JMSF are

Do no harm
Economic growth
Value creation

What JMSF offers

Agricultural Advisory Services
Excellent work environment
Part-time and full-time employment
Shared benefit package
Training Services Provision
Value chain & Market Development projects…

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4. Jovana Integrated Farms
image of Jovana on the post top 22 farms in Nigeria

Jovana Integrated Farm is another farm we’re going to talk about on the top 22 farms in Nigeria. It is a major agricultural project management firm focusing on breeding and marketing various goods such as Fish, Grasscutter, Mushroom, Ostrich, Snail, etc.

They also provide Grasscutter, Ostrich and other livestock production facilities, however. They are simply providing training, services, and alternatives.

There are four things JOVANA has to do with

Like any other company, they also have a Mission which is to be the number one livestock farm company in Nigeria.

It is to drive food security across the nation that will take Nigerians out of food dependency to food sufficiency.

To foster an environment of creativity and innovation and as a result, re-establish a stable Nigeria society.

Integrity, Innovation, Honesty, Passion, Team Work, and Service Excellence…

To know more about their services log in here

5. Nagari Integrated Dairy Farm
image of Nagari group on Agriculture in Nigeria

Of course, the Nagari Integrated Dairy Farm is another top farm. It is one of the top agriculture companies in Nigeria, engaged in native farming operations devoted to offering quality services in milk, farm goods, and flour milling.

However, the company is a diverse business entity with a hard-earned reputation for outstanding and high-quality farm products and is headquartered in Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

In addition, the Group is a diverse and fully incorporated internationally touched conglomerate. However, the key company focus of the Group is to provide local, value-added goods, and services that satisfy the nation’s fundamental agricultural and dairy requirements. Through the construction and operation of large-scale manufacturing installations in Nigeria, the Group focuses on constructing local production and production capacities to create jobs and provide individuals with services.

Over the years, there has been fast growth in the business that has made the business carry out environmental programs and also the communities have been able to draw on these accomplishments.

Nagari Group currently focuses on yogurt manufacturing, fresh milk manufacturing, fresh farm manufacturing, flour milling, cattle rearing with a focus on dairy manufacturing

Their goods include
  • Dairy: Cheese, Fresh Milk, and Yogurt
  • Flour Mill: Corn milling and Wheat milling
  • Farm: Fresh Tomatoes, Vegetables, and Grains
  • Abbatoir: Fresh Meat…

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6. Niyya Farm Group Limited (NFGL)
image of Niyya-on top 22 Nigeria's agricultural farm

Here’s another business we’re going to discuss Agriculture in Nigeria post. Niyya-Farm Group Limited (NFGL), a Nigerian company with headquarters in Kaduna, Nigeria, registered in 2002.

It is, however, an agro-industrial company that owns a processing plant, dairy farm, orchards, and farmland.

NFGL owns one of Kaduna’s biggest fruit farms, covering an area of about 3,000 + hectares.

They have traditionally been focused on milk and fruit farms since the existence of this business until 2010 when the transformation to Juice and Yoghurt started. In 2011, however, the farms were completely transformed into agro-processing of Juice and Yoghurt. The fruit varieties are primarily Guava, Mango, Orange, Passion, and Pineapple with the ability to grow avocado and grapes.

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What distinguishes NFGL?

NFGL has implemented edible processes to generate exotic organic vegetable plants for local and export markets.
Environmentally friendly methods have been implemented to guarantee soil conservation and succession planning.

They were able to install a contemporary drip irrigation scheme that guarantees the accurate application of water to plants. By the earth dam on the farm, which is the main storage for water demands, they were able to accomplish this.

Another thing is that they provide tillage services at subsidized prices to the local farm society to guarantee that they are involved in conservation operations such as gulley plugging and programs for environmental management…

Then press to transact with NGNL.

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7. Oatvana Farms Nigeria Limited
image of Oatvana Farms-Agriculture in Nigeria

Oatvana Farms Nigeria Ltd is a private indigenous farm corporation situated in Delta State Nigeria, in the core of the Okpe Local Government Area. The firm is focused on agriculture and plantation and Poultry.

Its firm was created with the sole purpose of generating financial activity, constructing an agricultural room, creating employment, eradicating poverty and producing income. Over 10years ago the company started a farming business. The Corporate Affairs Commission, however, integrated the business in May 2016.

Initially, they pretend to have begun with about 6000 birds because of their consistency and enthusiasm for achievement they increased their products to more than 100,000 birds. They are operating on 50 acres of property.

They’ve got the country’s biggest poultry farm. Their palm tree reserve is also one of Nigeria’s biggest.

More about Oatvana

Oatvana Farms Nigeria Ltd sees a country that will solely depend on its processed farm products and supply the much-needed states with its farm produce.

Its mission is to produce organically grown, healthy and affordable poultry products and other exceptional agricultural services to all its customers by building a mechanized farming system that is highly efficient.

The most critical success factor is the reliability and consistency of products. Its business is going to close the gap between the demand and supply of poultry products by constantly having the products readily available on demand. Also, they pledge that its products would be very affordable by all customers both wholesale and retail.

What they do
  • Cassava plantation
  • Rearing of poultry birds such as Layers and Broilers
  • chickens and egg production
  • Poultry feeds production
  • Palm oil production
  • Palm tree reserve
  • Plantain plantation
  • Sales of frozen food…

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8. Sayed Farm
Sayed Farms-top 22 Nigeria's agricultural farms

Sayed Farms is one farm that we ought to be talking about on the Top 22 agricultural farms in Nigeria. They are, however, specialized in the poultry industry that covers all its main elements, as well as the distribution of frozen food in the Nigerian market. Their frozen product range has extended to include the best quality of products on the market for chicken, potatoes, cheese, vegetables, seafood, and ice cream.

Mr. Haytham Nawam and Mr. Ziad Sayed founded Sayed Farms Ltd in 2004. Both of them have excellent poultry farming experience. They decided to set up one after extensive studies into the poultry company in Nigeria.

The firm was initially specialized in the poultry industry and is presently distributing frozen foods such as frozen fish, frozen chicken, frozen vegetables, French fries, cheese, etc. They are likely to cover all significant elements of the chicken company and the distribution of frozen foods.

Main Activities
Broiler production
Slaughter and distribution
Day-old chick production and distribution (commercial and breeder stocks)
Feed production and trading
Equipment and raw material trading
Food Distribution: Potatoes, seafood, vegetables and cheese
Deliver goods on time and satisfy all its customers with efficient timing
Refresh it, consumers
Partner with its customers
Enrich the lives of the local communities
Reward it stakeholders

They are the market leaders in many frozen products on the Nigerian market where they have a very excellent distribution channel through a complete range of fresh and well-maintained cars including reefer closed box cargo trucks, various dimensions and tonnage with 350 staff…

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9. Ubur Nyam Farm

This is a totally different Farm to speak about. It is an integrated farm built into and recorded with CAC in Nigeria. They are also engaged in plants, fish, poultry and cattle manufacturing, but not restricted to rice, soybeans, corn, groundnut, vegetables, and fruit.

Image of Ubur-Agriculture in Nigeria

Being a center for agro-processing, they participate in main food processing to increase the nationwide agricultural value chain. Farm kinds of machinery, machinery, agrochemicals, enhanced seeds, assorted fertilizers, and other farm inputs are also addressed. Offer training and consulting services as well.

Ubur Nyam Farms was born from the YouWiN Entrepreneurship Award 2011/2012 from the Federal Government.

To become one of the leading privately-owned integrated farms in Nigeria renowned for the quality and quantity of agricultural produce, products, and services; job creation and involvement in corporate social responsibilities by the year 2020.

It tends to contribute towards achieving National food security, good nutrition, and health, as well as wealth creation.

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Core values
  • Respect and value for stakeholders as well as establishing long term value-laden relationships to realize mutual growth based upon mutual trust
  • The fostering of a corporate culture that enhances individual creativity, innovation, and teamwork
  • The provision of excellent working conditions in terms of health and safety for the employees and other business stakeholders
  • Integrity, honesty, and understanding that success depends upon unswerving adherence to the standards and principles of the project
  • The creation of value for clients by valuing their opinions and ensuring quality products and services.
  • Productivity in terms of being results-driven and materializing value-added achievements
  • Being efficient in operations and other areas of the business
  • Working together in harmony as a team and cultivating a team spirit oriented business culture
  • Customer-centric: this is a core value for the company as it strives to understand the needs and preferences of its customers and superseding their expectations…

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10. WHECK Farm
wheck Farms-top 22 Nigeria"s Agricultural farms

Wheck Farm is a registered company based in Nigeria’s northern portion. It sits on a property of 500 hectares. Furthermore, the firm has expanded its capacities to other value chains in the agricultural industry, especially the processing and warehouse capability of farm produce.

They are here to take advantage of the chance in the commercial agriculture sector, thereby adding their quota to the growth of the economy of the country.

If we can remember, the Nigerian government has created measures through agriculture to diversify its economy. This has meant that Wheck farms have policies in place that allow them to use best practices in commercial agriculture.

The firm has the vision of becoming not only in Nigeria but beyond, the leading commercial farm and agricultural product processing firm.

What they do
  • It is a world-class commercial farm that is committed to cultivating arable crops for Nigeria and the global market
  • They produce both food and raw materials for people and industries in commercial quantities
  • Also, operate a standard processing and packaging plant as part of its complementary business
  • Rearing of animals for human consumption
  • Investment opportunities with no hassle
How does it work?
  • Wheck Farms Limited is fully responsible for all farm operations. That is, from cultivation to harvest, to storage and finally sales
  • The investor is 100 percent responsible for financing
  • The minimum number of farmland to fund is 1 slot.
  • There are two investment types for crops, livestock, poultry and fishery outlined in the investment plan. They include:
    Guaranteed ROI
    Yield Dependent ROI
  • The investment period is between 10 to 12 months
  • Agreed ROI can be withdrawn at the expiration of the investment cycle while the cost of cultivation reinvested for the new farming season if the investor chooses
  • Farms at our farm village are all secured by the state-registered joint task force(local vigilante) and the police
  • Farms are covered by insurance with the Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC) Subscription and Investment Process…

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11. Xtralarge Farm
Image of Xtralarge farms on top 22 Nigeria's Agricultural farms.

Xtralarge Farm is another farm we will be discussing on the .. The recent rebranding at Xtralarge was why it turned it into our list.

They have a powerful vision of raising a generation of enthusiastic farmers, establishing different platforms for agriculture and investment across Nigeria.

However, they are renowned for constructing a powerful consumer base for food products. Also, one thing that makes them stand out is the fact that by making edible farm products accessible, they want to contribute their quota to society.

What are the Xtralarge programs?
  • Agric Investments
  • Farm Land Sale, Set Up and Management
  • Sale of Farm Produce
  • Agricultural Training
  • Food and Financial Empowerment Programs
  • Agric Excursion for Schools and Organisations
  • Agric Consultancy
  • Agricultural Estate and Real Estate
How does it work

Make 100% Profit In Agriculture In 24 Months with the “Super Farmers Package”. Guess this is one of a kind business because the ROI is a reasonable one

Get at least one allocation in the super farmers’ package for N100,000 only. This package is for farm projects which takes a little longer e.g Snails, Turkey, Poultry, Cassava, Grasscutter etcetera

The whole farming process from the beginning to the end will be taking care of by Xtralarge Farm. You need not worry about the farming process in any way. What they do is to plant/rear, manage the farms, harvest, and sell. Then your initial investment shall be turned over within 18months

You get 100% profit on your farming investment with no stress

You will be paid directly into your local bank account

Multiple allocation available while stock lasts

-Super Farmer’s application form fee costs N5,000 only excluding the amount to invest…

For more on xtralarge please click here

Conclusion: Top 22 Agricultural Farms in Nigeria
Other Top Agriculture Companies in Nigeria are
  • ChiTola Farms Ltd
  • Olohi Intgrated farms ltd
  • Forthworth Farms
  • Sebore farms
  • Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited
  • Anu Oluwa farm
  • Ojemai farms
  • Farmagric
  • Myrtles Farms and Food Co. Ltd
  • Fortune Heights Farms Ltd
  • Kingdom Aquarium And Fisheries Limited


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