Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market (2021 updated)

Today, as in the year 2021, we’re going to be talking about the Top Made in Nigeria Rice available in the market. Rice remains the second most popular crop after maize at the moment. Nonetheless, after information technology and oil & gas industry that can never feed the population, the agricultural sector as the third-best profitable business in the world, though Agriculture can address that.

According to Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria (RIFAN), there are more than 12.2 million members involved in rice farming, milling, storage and management, trading and marketing, export, research and training and, allied enterprises. This number has also been growing, especially since Nigeria escalated in 2015.

Another thing RIFAN made us know is that they want to ensure that the Nigerian rice production meets its local demand which is placed at about 5 million tons annually.

This list of Made in Nigeria Rice available in Nigeria will be pointing them with their achievements and contact details.

The Nigerian government has recently closed the country’s land border where rice and other poultry products enter the country. However, the Nigerian Government has advocated for people to go to rice farming to meet the demand for rice.

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first Image on the post Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market (2019 updated)
Brief Information on Rice Plantation

Experts say the farmer needs to select the right land for his farm in rice farming. To remain in the rice farming business for a long time, it is advisable that the farmer must choose a site in ecological zones where rice is historically grown. It is proved that it can be locations in geographical zones across the country that can be in the north, east, west, and south.

Moreover, rice farming can be a complicated business and as such, it is important to conduct thorough research before starting to grow. Nonetheless, it is preferable to choose fertile lands with high capacity for water retention, swampy lands and organic matter such as loamy soil.

Rice can be cultivated either through transplantation or direct seeding. Before cultivation, the seeds are sprayed onto the soil after which they are plowed into the soil using a plow.  The rice seeds are soaked in water for 34 hours, allowing them to dry for 24 hours after which they are ready to grow.

It takes between 120-200days for the grains to get ready for harvest after planting, depending on the area and other factors, when it’s prepared, the grains will fall off on the stalk from green to golden-yellow.

Before proper harvesting, it is required to dry/evaporate the water stored in the rice paddies and also allow the rice to ripen well.
The rice is then harvested by a mechanized thresher slicing the stalk immediately below the heads and extracting the grains from the stalk. Although much more work still needs to be done.

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Support for farmers

The Nigerian government is trying to improve its agricultural industry in several ways: Government grants loans provided by non-profit support from foreign agencies such as the World Bank at low-interest rates to farmers’ grants and innovation…

The list of Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market as of 2019
1. Abakaliki Rice
Image of Abakaliki Rice

After its creation in 1996, Abakaliki Rice is produced by the first Rice Mill industry in the state of Abakaliki Ebonyi. The Rice Milling industry remains for the Ebonyi state as the main revenue avenue. 
Recently, the method of planting, harvesting, and milling of rice in Abakaliki has been rendered as smooth as possible by more technologies. Many rice vendors say that there are little to no stones in the grain.

Abakaliki rice is as nutritious as, or even more so, the imported rice. The good taste and quality come from the Ebonyi state’s moisture nature and salinity. Abakaliki rice is cheap when compared to a parboiled rice bag…

Price: 5000 – 8000 NGN

Contact Address of Abakaliki Rice: Ndiechi Igbeagu Road Abakaliki Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

Telephone number of Abakaliki Rice: 08037457971…

2. Adaminna Rice
Image of Adaminna Rice

Adaminna Rice is owned by Adaminna Farms Ltd. A Nigerian-registered agribusiness organization for farming, food processing, and consulting purposes. A variety of medium-sized farms are owned by the company in Niger State, Nigeria. Adaminna Farms is one of the leading exporters of high-quality agricultural products ranging from maize, rice, beans, yam flour, pepper and much more from Nigeria to other West African countries and beyond. To sum up, they are currently available for human consumption in various parts of Nigeria…

Price: N15000 – 18000 NGN

Contact Address of Adaminna Rice
Km 3, Minna-Chanchangi road, Beside NNPC filling station, Shango, Minna, Niger State, Nigeria


Tel: +234-903-364-0591, +2348034638548

To know more, kindly visit their website HERE… 

3. Al-Hamsad Rice
Image of Al - HAMSAD Rice

Al- Hamsad rice is owned and controlled by Al- Hamzad Rice mills Limited. The rice they produced is categorized into two segments:

  • Main product and
  • By-products.

The main products comprise of 

  • White Rice
  • Parboiled Rice. 

In the same vein, the by-products include

  • White bran
  • White Rice (broken)
  • Grade C
  • Broken Rice
  • Mixed Rice
  • Rejected Rice…

Price: 16000 – 18000 NGN

Contact Address of Al- Hamsad rice
No 129, Kundila Road, Bompai, Kano State, Nigeria. 

Tel: 08160666220, 08182848384, 07035210021.

Visit them HERE…   

4. Big Bull Parboiled Rice

Image of Big BUll Rice

This rice is produced by WACOT Rice Limited, which is a rice processing company which operates a state-of-the-art rice mill in Argungu, Kebbi State, Nigeria. The mill is one of the largest rice mills in Africa and sources paddy from different paddy producing states across Nigeria. WACOT Rice also engages in out-grower farming programs with paddy farmers to boost their yields and guarantees off-take of paddy from farmers through buyback arrangements.

Price of Big Bull Rice – 20,000 NGN and below

Big Bull Perboiled Rice Phone No

+234 (0) 1 7003000

Big Bull Perboiled Rice Contact

No 1 TGI Close Ilupeju-Industrial Estate
Apapa-Oworonshoki Expressway
Lagos, Nigeria

Big Bull Perboiled Rice Email –

5. Cosrice
Image of COSRICE on the post Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market (2019 updated)

Cosrice is a long-grain, proudly Made in Nigeria, stone-free rice. Coscharis Farms, located within Anambra, owns the company. It is home to hygienically fertilized and cultivated rice grains that are processed for mass-market supply and consumption by house bio-experts into 100% long grain parboiled rice.

The farm is currently growing on 2,500 hectares of land in the first phase of project implementation with an anticipated 5,000 hectares of the out-growers scheme. In the 2016 planting season, the farm aims to achieve 3000 metric tons of rice paddy at first output at the commercial quantity on 500 hectares.

With local rice consumption estimated at 300,000 metric tons in Anambra State and present production of only 20,000 metric tons, Coscharis Farms aims to put its shoulder to the wheel by producing about 20,000 metric tons of rice by 2018, when full capacity rice operations would have been achieved in the first stage. Nevertheless, in the second phase of the project, Coscharis Farms plans to expand farming to 10,000 hectares of land with a capacity to produce about 70,000 metric tons of rice.

Coscharis farm currently has the potential to go into rice packaging which gives birth to Cosrice and is available in other local markets to bridge a gap in the rice industry…

Price: N16000 – 19000 NGN

Contact Address of Cosrice: Anaku Village, Ayamelum LGA, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Visit them on their website HERE

6. Ga’ate Gold rice
Image of GA'ATE GOLD Rice on the post Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market (2019 updated)

This is another rice we’ve got to talk about in the Market’s Top Made in Nigeria Rice list. It is managed by the Nigerian Farmers Group and Cooperative Society (NFGCS), an organization set up in 2017 under a partnership with farming communities in the Kokona LGA district of Hadari Emirate, especially in the villages of Gaa’te, Marke, Mante, and Sabon Gida.

Besides, a former Niger Delta militant, Mr. Reston Tedheke, founded the NFGCS farm. The farm began in 2017 with three hectares and N1.5m, now occupying 3,000 hectares and worth approximately one billion Naira, employing over 300 people. Tedheke was influenced by the emphasis on Agricultural diversification by the current administration.

The components of the farm include a ranch, crop farm, poultry, and a rice mill, amongst others. We can’t talk about them and not talk about“Kiakia”, a FinTech company, also a mobile payment company that also gives credit to farming communities, which has seen the future and supported the project… 

Price: 16000 – 18000 NGN

Contact Address of Ga’ate Gold Rice
Maraba Gaate, Kokona LGA, KM20 Keffi – Akwanga Road, Nasarawa State.


Tel: 0806 385 8040 (Farm Manager)
Please know more about them HERE

7. Good Choice Rice

Image of Good choice Rice

This is one company that have resurrected due to the closure of the Nigeria boarder. As we have known that the boarder closure had brought value to local rice in the country, especially the revival of rice mills hitherto struggling to survive due to smuggling.

In one of their statememt, they claimed the company has engaged over 100 youth on various sector in other to reduced the rate of unemployment accross the state.

Price of Good Choice Rice – 20,000 and below

8. Igbemo rice
Image of Igbemo Rice on the post Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market (2019 updated)

The first private rice processing and branding company in Ekiti State, Niger, is Igbemo Rice Processing Company Limited. From its inception, development, and expansion, Igbemo Rice Processing Company Limited has gone through monumental stages to deliver quality rice.

The organization is expanding into new horizons under the leadership of a charismatic visionary with a missionary zeal and a diverse group. In the fields of rice farming, advanced processing technologies, and business ties, the company is currently cultivating partnerships with both local and foreign companies.

Functions of Igbemo Rice

Igbemo Rice Promotes Bone Health:
Igbemo Rice’s health benefits is a product that focuses on brown rice. Brown rice is a good source of magnesium, a mineral important for bone health, according to Igbemo rice. Only one cup of brown rice contains 21 percent of magnesium’s recommended daily price. Most of the magnesium in your body is stored on or in your bones, so you can maintain a high magnesium level in your bones and reap the other health benefits by eating plenty of brown rice every week.

Also, Igbemo Rice is a brown rice brand. The method that produces brown rice removes only the rice kernel’s outermost layer, the shell, and is the least harmful to its nutritional value. The complete milling and polishing that converts brown rice into white rice destroys 67% of the vitamin B3, 80% of the vitamin B1, 90% of the vitamin B6, half of the manganese, half of the phosphorus, 60% of the iron, and all of the dietary fiber and essential fatty acids. Fully milled and polished white rice is required to be “enriched” with vitamins B1, B3, and iron…

Price: 16000 – 19000 NGN

Contact Address of Igbemo Rice
Factory Address: Km 4 Onigbemo Drive, Off Ijan Road, Igbemo – Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Postal Address: P. O. Box 2250, Ado – Ekiti, Ekiti State.
Tel: 08063810098, 0803 729 5027

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9. Labana Rice
Image of Labana Rice on the post Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market (2019 updated)

Labana rice is owned by Labana Rice Mills Limited, an integrated rice mill set up in 2012 in Birnin, Kebbi State. Production began in November 2014 with two independent plants capable of producing 400 Metric Tonnes / Day. The third additional plant currently under construction has the capacity to produce parboiled rice 300 Metric tons/day. This added up to 700 metric tons/day making Africa’s largest rice factory.

The company ensures that all divisions are staffed by skilled and competent staff members to ensure that the service remains the leading commodity on the market. The Department of Quality Control works hand in hand with the production department to manufacture parboiled rice of the highest quality. The company promises to continue to engage its customers and other stakeholders in ensuring adequate product delivery nationwide as well as to their immediate West African sub-region neighbors…

Price: 16,000 – 19000 NGN

Contact Address of Labana Rice
Km 2 off Sani Abacha bye-pass, Harasawa, Birnin kebbi.
Tel: +23487192849, +2348094628070

10. Lake Rice
Image of Lake Rice on the post Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market (2019 updated)

Lake Rice is another Nigerian Rice that is totally good for human consumption. It was introduced in the year 2018. However, it was a partnership business between two states, Lagos and Kebbi State. This particular rice was launched by the two sitting governors from the two states, which are Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State and Alhaji Atiku Bagudu of Kebbi State. They said the aim of the partnership is not only to ensure food security among Nigerians but also wants to make Nigeria a producing nation.

Lake Rice is of good quality. The major difference between Lake Rice and the ones imported is that the imported has a minimum storage of five to six years of storage life span, but Lake Rice is fresh and secure for human consumption.

At first, the rice was to be sold at designated places, currently, it has been able to go wider than the previously designated places. Now, you can go to any Local Government Secretariate closest to you to get one bag of Lake Rice for yourself and see the wonders of our local Rice…

Price: 16000 – 19000 NGN

11. Lula Rice

Image for Lula rice

Lula Rice is an indigenous Agric business company located in Gombe state and are reputable processor and supplier of the premium quality parboiled 100 percent sortexed rice, providing the purest parboiled rice to its customers.

Price of Lula Rice – 20,000 NGN and below

Lula Rice Phone Number – 08087383331

12. Mama Happy Rice
Image of Mama Happy Rice on the post Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market (2019 updated)

Mama Happy Rice is another rice to talk about on the list of Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market. This particular rice is produced by Taimako Mokwala Rice traders association, Bida, Niger state. Currently, you can only get it in Niger state.

Price: 16000 – 19000 NGN

Telephone number of Mama Happy Rice: 08036287686

13. Miva rice
Image of Miva Rice on the post Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market (2019 updated)

Miva Rice is another Rice brand to talk about on the list of Top Made in Nigeria Rice available in the market. It is Mikap Nigeria Limited’s proud Nigerian rice.  Miva Rice is a performance parboiled sortxed rice brand that is manufactured from local Farro 44 (sippi) & Farro 52 (Mars) long-grain hybrid rice varieties and packaged in bags of 50 kg, 25 kg, 10 kg, and 5 kg respectively.

A former Attorney General founded the rice processing mill used in 2011. The organization already has up to 10,000 farmers employed with government support.
The business aims to promote commercial farming, agro-processing, and marketing. Since 2011, Mikap has invested 8.5 metric tons per hour in polished parboiled paddy rice production.

Over 10,000 agricultural communities in Benue and Cross River States have been technically engaged in diffusing improved paddy rice production methods. These were made possible by working with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the MARKETS II scheme of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Price: N16000 – 19000 NGN

Contact Address of Miva Rice
Km 5, Gboko Road, North Bank, Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria…

Tel: 08036133160, 08136610032

You can know more about Miva Rice HERE

14. PACS Rice

Image for Pacs rice

PACS Rice one of the Best Made in Nigeria Rice, it is produced by PROGRESSIVES AGRO-ALLIED COOPERATIVE SOCIETY (PACS) LTD, whose main focus is Agro-processing. PACS is an outstanding effort to take advantage of the teeming number of patriotic citizens across the nation. It is a creative venture to turn opportunities into wealth, using integrity, information and vast connection available.
Pacs is a group formed to protect the economic interest of its members, reduce poverty and generate employment opportunities in Nigeria.

Price of Pacs Rice – 20,000 NGN and below

Pacs Rice Phone No
+234 906-816-4262
+234 909-224-9897
+234 802-228-5359

Pacs Rice Email –

Pacs Rice Registered Address

Suite A02, Area 11 Shopping Mall,
Area 11, Garki,
Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

15. Savannah Premium Rice
Image of Savannah Rice on the post Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market (2019 updated)

Savannah Premium Rice is made from Onyx Rice Mill, which was established in 2009 and began full operation in 2013, producing more than 30,000 metric tonnes of rice. Rice Mill is currently capable of producing 40 metric tonnes per day. There are currently over 50 employees in the Rice mill, including professional consultants, technicians and administrators/marketers.

The company operates a semi-automated rice processing company with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high performance and adhere to the quality service delivery business model. Since 2013, Onyx Rice Mill has been successfully processing premium parboiled rice for the Nigerian market. At Onyx Rice Mill, the dream is to become one of Nigeria’s leading rice milling and processing plants.

To accomplish this, they have deployed the best production milling machines, engage in sound manufacturing practices and ensure quality during rice milling and processing…

Price: 16000 – 19000 NGN

Contact Address of Savannah Rice
Along Bida – Badeggi highway in Bida directly opposite Litani Military Barracks. OR located along Wuya – Mokwa Road.

Email: rice(@)
Tel: +2348093940169

16. UMZA Classic Rice
Image of UMZA Classic Rice on the post Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market (2019 updated)

This is another Rice we’ve got to talk about in the market on Top Made in Nigeria Rice. UMZA Rice is a premium quality Nigerian grain rice controlled by Umza International Farms Limited in Ajingi, Kano. The company is primarily involved in the production of agricultural products, food processing, and rice.
Umza International has a milling plant with a total milling capacity of 72,000 MT per year and the company is currently continuing to increase the milling capacity to about 120,000 metric tons per year.

Umza Farms has proven its investment in the rice value chain where they currently work in paddy cultivation with farmers, particularly from Suru Local Government Area. The company has also secured the approval of 11,000 hectares of land in Agaie State Local Government Area for its backward integration program …

Price: N16,000 – 19000

Contact Address of UMZA RICE
km 13, Zaria Road Before Kwanar Dawanau Kano, Yankaba, Ajingi, Kano, Nigeria

More Made in Nigeria Rice Brands are;

17. Abadini Rice
18. Arike Rice
19. ConfluenceRrice of Kogi State
20. Cottage Rice
21. Danyaro Rice
22. Ebony Super Rice
23. Famous Rice
24. Hajo White Rice
25. Mama’s Choice Rice
26. Mama’s pride
28. Ogoja rice of Cross River State
29. Plateau Rice of Plateau state
30. Royal Naija Rice
31. Tiamin Rice.

Other List of Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market 2021

32. Big Crown Rice
33. Classic Gold Rice
34. Crown Gold Rice
35. Double Bull Parboiled Rice
36. Fursa Rice
37. Gerewa Rice
38. Home Parbolied Rice
39. Onion Rice
40. Saham Rice
41. Shamad Parboiled rice
42. Tomato Rice
Conclusion on Top Made in Nigeria Rice Available in the Market (2021 updated).

— Nigerians are now eating N1.2 billion local rice a day since 2015, RIFAN.
— CBN has not given forex to rice importers.
— BoA Disburses N1.2bn Loan to Kebbi’s 8,653 rice farmers.
— Another one by CBN, the Anchor Borrowers Program (ABP).
— Nigeria Government made it known to us that the international rice that we eat is expired. Because of this, we really have to stop importing. Let’s encourage the farmers to get them in abundance to make the price fall.

Prices attached are current prices and it can change at any time. Nigerians are hoping the prices come down to the minimum so that Rice can be affordable even by the common man…

NOTE: If you need to get any of the above Rice, kindly contact us directly and we could be of help…

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